Juliette's Breast Cancer Journey


Spotlight:  Juliette Mills-Lutterodt

Looking back at 12 years ago, I can say breast cancer was the best thing that happened to me, let me tell you why. As a business owner and at the peak of my career, I found myself at the mercy of a diagnosis and a journey that will shut me down for close to a year. Through it all, with the support of family, friends, and most of all God I emerged a better, stronger, kinder person, filled with humility, more than I ever was.To whom much is given, much is required, hence Pink for Africa a non profit breast cancer  foundation focusing on education, support and financially helping women across Africa and the diaspora. Ten years of hard work has shown me that my life is no different. Being in the position to help others is a true privilege I don’t take lightly. I am still going strong and continue to pour into others about the importance of early detection.