Lavender Wisp is a company specializing in servicing the needs of women since 1989. Started by Cheryl Miller and her partner/mom Patricia Jones. The two divisions include: lingerie and mastectomy products. The company began in 1989 as selling lingerie in a home party environment. Lavender Wisp lingerie has also been featured in several boutiques. However, in 1994 mastectomy products were introduced.

At Lavender Wisp “lingerie”, we feel that it is important for a woman to have a positive outlook about her body image, quoting that “lingerie is for the woman who wears it”, and to “embrace your curves”.  We offer lingerie in a range of sizes (small – 3x) and styles. We also offer fine lingerie at moderate prices. The fabrics are soft to the touch and we have an array of tones that are appealing to the eye.

Now our loungewear, sleepwear, lingerie and accessories are available on our website in the convenience of your home. 

At Lavender Wisp “mastectomy products”, we feel that body image is important too, because we are offering a new and beautiful beginning. Today, women may decide to have reconstructive surgery or they may choose to wear an external breast form - a non-surgical option that has become the choice for millions of woman. What is important is for women to have choices. To make your choice to wear a breast form an easy and comfortable transition, we offer a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Certified fitters, are available to fit women in the NJ metro area.  Our desire is for women to embrace their femininity, because when you look good, you feel good! 

A portion of our proceeds are donated to different Breast Cancer foundations including: American Cancer Society, Sister2Sister, Sisters Network, Pink For Africa and more.