Ester Matias's Breast Cancer Journey


Spotlight:  Ester Matias

My name is Ester Matias, I'm a proud mother of three, a happy wife of twenty six years and a blessed breast cancer survivor of a decade long this year. I was diagnosed in 2011 after a long and tedious five months of testing. Every test I took came back negative, cyst aspiration, ultrasound, etc. Even the mammogram, which by the way because I was thirty five the insurance kept denying me until I was able to actually speak with a representative to express my concern and trials. The first sign of the lump was 10/10/10 I'll always remember that date.

My husband found the lump after a routine monthly self breast check up I had showed him how to do a month prior because as a massage therapist I had a theory that since I constantly use my hands to shower and such that I would be too use to my own self in touch and would miss something, so a fresh pair of hands would catch it better. My theory was right because he found it not me. On February 4, 2011 I was informed I had an aggressive and rare form of breast cancer. The chemotherapy and surgeries (14 due to BC) which tallied at 23 total in my life, changed my life forever. On 11/11/11 again another memorable date, I was informed the cancer tumors were gone along with my breast. The fight didn't end there though. The aftermath left me with a daily struggle with ailments and conditions to get through and used to my new normal.

Fast forward ten years later, today I celebrate every waking moment of my life. Given only five years of expectancy to live, along with six others that I knew at the time that were going through the same, I am the only one still standing on Earth. I work on my health as a daily ritual and do my best to share with others what I've learned and share as much as I can. Donations, walks and charities have become a part of my on-going fight as well. I believe I was given what I thought was a curse at first which turned out to be a blessing in many ways, so that I can prove my resiliency and teach others how to survive as well. To all those reading this, Godspeed and check yourself routinely.