Tabitha's Breast Cancer Journey




 Spotlight:  Tabitha Lynn Hassan

It was stage 2 for me. Cancer in two places of my left breast. I found my lump October 1,2016 in the shower while doing a self breast exam. The second lump was found through an MRI that couldn’t have been detected through a mammogram.

I had a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery MULTIPLE times because my body wouldn’t take the artificial breast. I NEVER asked God “Why me”.  I just asked for him to walk with me through this journey and show me where he wanted me to be.

Ladies, PLEASE be in the know. Knowing could save your life.

Breast Cancer awareness is not about SEEKING attention or just WEARING pink. It’s about the people that have lost their lives to this monstrous disease, the people that are continuously fighting for their lives and the survivors that made it through.

🎀 Every woman’s journey through this disease is different. Even though I’m a survivor, I’m STILL surviving.  To God Be The Glory EVERYDAY. Yes. My journey sparked a purpose. A purpose designed by God. You never know what you’re made of until you are pushed. I’m now the creator of Butta Soft Essentials hand and body cream! An all natural body butter.